Sunday, January 06, 2013

My 8 year old

 Jimmy just turned 8 a little over a week ago.  I can't believe it's been 8 years since he was born on that cold, snowy Utah December night.

It was a night that forever changed me, and forever changed our little family when Jimmy was born.  I remember being so scared and worried and unsure of my baby and his future that very first night I met him and laid eyes upon his dear little face.  I think I cried probably a thousand tears wondering if he'd ever grow up to be a normal little boy.  With each passing day, my fears slowly melted and love only grew stronger.  This precious baby would in turn bless our lives in countless ways.  He's taught us so many things, and made us stretch and grow. And as he leads a totally normal life,  I can't help but think "what was I so worried about that first lonely night in the hospital?"  If only I could've seen then what I see now.  One intelligent, thoughtful, smart young 8 year old.
I like to write my boys a little birthday note each year.  Here it goes:
Jimmy you are such a joy to be around.  You have grown up to be such a cool person.  If I was your age, I would want to be your buddy.  You are kind.  You are honest.  You are loving.  You are sensitive to others' needs, and to the spirit.  You have compassion towards others when they are hurting or sad.  
You are so very, very, very creative.  When you were very, very, little, you would create amazing things out of nothing.  

Robo walker Jimmy from anna fowler on Vimeo.
(above is a little video so you can see just how cute little Jimmy has always been)
You knew how to be joyful and happy from the beginning.  
You could build amazing forts at age 2.  You could turn your little brother's highchair into a "robo-walker" at age 3,  At age 4, you began to make spaceships out of your blankets each night (still do).  And at age 5 you could create these amazing creations out of legos, without anyone else's help or a manual.  At age 6, you began to love to explore- you could spend hours outside in the backyard looking for bugs, building beetle houses or finding worm tunnels.  By age 7 you've delved into long and complicated story books and have grown a passion for reading.

You have a resilient attitude Jimmy.  You don't let the little things get you down.  And you don't give up.  
You also have a great sense of humor.  I love hearing your loud laugh when you are watching a funny movie, or one of your siblings is doing something funny.  It's a full, joyful laugh that echos through the house.
You are such a good buddy to your little brother Johnny.  He looks up to you in countless ways.  You are patient, and loving, and inspiring to him.  In many ways you have blazed the trail for him.
I am so lucky to be your momma- I am so grateful for your daily hugs and kisses that you shower me with (please don't ever grow too cool for this).  I love your little notes you leave me and daddy.  I love your inquisitive mind.  You have an amazing little brain. And I feel so lucky to have given birth to you 8 years ago.  You've blessed our lives so much.  

Oh, and I love you more than all the universes ;)  Love, Mom

On your birthday we had an enjoyable day- we opened presents as a family mid-day, and then at night, we left the 3 younger kids home with a babysitter and took just you out to a fancy restaurant for a special dinner.  Afterwards we went and got ice cream cones at Braum's.  You tried all sorts of things at the restaurant and then ordered a green ice cream cone with birthday cake mixed in.  You were so fun to talk to and carry on conversation with.  It was so much fun to spend time with you Jimmy.  And to top it all off, you are getting baptized this next Saturday.  We are so excited for you and sure proud of you and the amazing little boy you've become.


Mark and Alice said...

Love this heartwarming tribute to a wonderful kid.

emily a. said...

That was so sweet and neat to get a glimpse of what a stud Jimmy is. No doubt he was born with many of these qualities but I'm certain some of those traits came from so much love and encouragement from his parents. He's such a handsome guy!

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Lisa Rampton Halverson said...

You write the best momma letters to your kids, Anna. I need to pick up this tradition; it's a beautiful one that they will cherish always.

How was Jimmy's big day yesterday? We sure love him!