Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Will was born with a full black head of hair.  When he first was born, his hair reminded me of a beatle hair cut.  Fittingly, I decided his little personal lullaby song (I have one for each of the kids) would be The Beatles "I Will" song.  It fits perfectly with his name and hair :)  And I sing it to him often.  Here it is if you haven't heard it before (sung by someone with a much fancier voice than mine):
Since Jimmy and Johnny were born with old-man-mullet hair, and Alice was born with no hair (which didn't grow in until she was 2), I have felt the need to get all my baby-hair-fix out on Will.  Sometimes I style his hair while he's nursing, or playing in the bath, or taking a nap.  James and I think up different characters/movie stars and play guess who.  Today during Alice's nap, Will and I played hair-do.

Here are few "Will-do's", (if you will):

Will-Do #1
Will-Do #2
 Will-Do #3
Will-Do #4
 Will-Do #5

There was a lady at church that told me that my baby reminded me so much of an old man in her old ward that had a toupee.  Nice.  This is what Will's hair looks like, it has fallen out on the sides, and is coming in much lighter, but is going strong and still dark on the top:
 His little toupee is what I style with :)


Ditto Family said...

All I can say is...AWESOME!

emily a. said...

That is so funny. He's going to love those pictures when he's older!

Jessica Rampton said...

Too funny!!!

Jessica Rampton said...

Too funny!

Lisa Rampton Halverson said...

I'm getting stitches from laughing! These photos are the greatest. I just love how funny you make EVERYTHING, Anna!

m and c said...

This is so cute! Your kids are so beautiful Anna.